About Us

“Supplying quality packaging around the world”

Who we are

Since 1995 Hupack has aspired to establish an optimal ratio between these aims. As a result of this ambition, we have achieved many things such as creating our own production line of microwave containers specially modified to comply to the wishes of our customers. This enabled us to expand our business over the years and enter the international market; Hupack currently does business with several European countries, including Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland.  

What we do

Being able to satisfy our diverse group of customers, varying from the catering industry to supermarkets, is made possible through a combination of importing specific products from Asia and producing our primar­­­­­y product ourselves, which is the microwave container. As a company, it is important to us that an efficient and environment-friendly way of working is administered and adhered to throughout our entire production process. The machines that Hupack uses generate no artificial waste and thereby reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum. Additionally, our machines are fully automatized which allows us to guarantee a rapid delivery. 

What we produce

Our containers are manufactured with the specific purpose to cater to the needs on the market. With this, our product is made with flexible material which can be cooled and heated and withstand temperatures from -20 to 90 degrees Celsius. The containers are available in multiple colors and several convenient dimensions. Additionally, in compliance with our environmentally friendly policies, our multifunctional containers can be reused as well. Being able to realize these properties in our product is what makes us an attractive supplier for companies throughout the world.